Our mission is to encourage mutual understanding and constructive collaboration towards resolving the many dilemmas between nations through the educational tool of Model United Nations. Our aim is to engage people in a dialogue to Understand the behavior and decision-making process of Nation states through research, debate, and negotiations with a strong emphasis on education versus competition.


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The Pacific Rim International Model United Nations conference (PRIMUN) is Japan's premier international MUN conference open to middle and high school students.

Registration is now open for our 5th annual PRIMUN conference to be held just in time for the 2020 Tokyo  summer  Olympics, July 18-19, 2020 in Kawasaki, Japan.

PRIMUN committees are staffed by students and alumni of Pacific Coast American 

universities that have included UC Los Angeles, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego and Stanford .

Model United Nations is a style of organized debate that uses United Nations bodies to expose students to a variety of authentic social, political, and economic global issues that they are to resolve peacefully. In the search for consensus by diplomacy, students learn about the world and practice the skills necessary to succeed in academic and professional settings. 

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